Agreement of Sale and Health Guarantee Sold to: __________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ Telephone: _______________________________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________________ Did you read the PUPPY DOG CARE CHECKLIST"? Y/N Veterinarian Reference? Y/N Personal References? Y/N Boxer: M___ F___ Description: ______________________________________________________ AKC Documents included in sale? Y/N Registration or Litter#: ______________________________________________ Registration: Limited/Full? Spay/Neuter Contract? Y/N Sire: ____________________________________________________________ Dam: ____________________________________________________________ Whelped: ______________________ Microchip #: _______________________ Price: $___________ Less Deposit: $_________ Amount due: $_____________ Method of payment: Cash: _____ Money order: _____ Check #: ____________ Photo Copy ID? Y/N Pay Pal_____ Credit Card______ This agreement is made on this ____day of __________, 20___ between located at 299 Cox Road, Monroe, LA 71202 (hereafter "seller"), and (_______________________________________) (hereafter "buyer"), for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of the purchase of the purebred Boxer identified above. Also, let it be known that email/fax are acceptable forms of communication. Seller reserves the right NOT to sell a puppy or dog to anyone, at their discretion. If you should have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 318-805-5689 or email us at Seller guarantees that the dog/puppy is in good health and has been examined by a licensed Veterinarian, has received age appropriate medical inoculations, worming, proper socialization, regular daily care and such. Seller will provide the buyer with records detailing treatments the dog has received under seller's care. Seller is not responsible for the health conditions which can result from over vaccination if your veterinarian does not choose to honor the records produced by the seller. This dog/puppy is to be sold as a pet. No warranties or guarantees other than those stated in this agreement have been given or implied. This dog is being sold with AKC (American Kennel Club) registration. Application for registration shall be considered the same. Seller does not guarantee the reproductive qualities of this dog or for any puppies that this dog may produce. Seller offers a 5 day guarantee of health for a cash refund, less the deposit or buyer may choose a different puppy/dog and transfer all money including the deposit toward the purchase price of a different puppy. If the replacement puppy/dog has a higher value, the buyer agrees to pay the difference for the replacement puppy/dog. To receive a refund or replacement puppy/dog, you must return the puppy/dog, any and all health records; include a statement from the vet who determined the puppy/dog to have poor health describing the condition and recommendations for treatment, and the registration papers for the puppy/dog to the seller. Buyer agrees to have the puppy/dog examined by a Vet within 5 days of receipt of the puppy/dog for this guarantee to be valid and proof of such exam will be provided by buyer to seller in the event of a health issue resulting in the need for a replacement of the puppy. This health guarantee does not include environmental illnesses such as parasites, allergies, viruses or colds as they are beyond the control of the seller. If the seller finds that an infection of these natures is happening or has happened during the time that the buyer's puppy/dog are or was present and exposure is likely, Seller will contact buyer immediately and inform buyer of such happenings. Since these conditions may be caused by environment and injury: trachea problems, leg pereath's, liver shunt, hernias and luxating patellas are not covered under this warranty. Seller is not responsible for a sold dog/puppy if it has suffered neglect, mistreatment, or exhibits temperament faults that are the result of lack of training or abuse while in the possession of the buyer. Lack of training and/or socialization on the part of the buyer does not constitute poor breeding on the part of the seller. Seller does reserve the right not to replace the puppy or any money's to the buyer if the puppy was/is mistreated which also includes improper diet and/or abuse during potty training, etc. In which case, no puppy shall be replaced to protect any future puppy from going through any type of mistreatment or concern. Seller will always accept the return of an unwanted dog or puppy for which seller is responsible for bringing into this world, as long as the dog or puppy is returned with all documentation including but not limited to AKC registration papers and Vet records. The Buyer and Seller agree to a (1) one-year from date of purchase warranty against fatal, or severely disabling, defects. The seller must be promptly notified of any problems in writing by the buyer's veterinarian within 24 hours of any illness and buyer agrees to follow any advice from the veterinarian until a second opinion can be determined and if found in agreement, the puppy shall be returned to the seller. Under NO circumstances is the seller to be held responsible for neither medical nor any shipping expenses. All items covered under this guarantee are by replacement only. We do not give cash refunds. Date of purchase shall be considered the date that buyer takes possession. If a problem develops that is proven to be the seller's responsibility, The Seller will provide a replacement puppy, provided the living dog and its registration papers are returned to seller/breeder. Unless dog/puppy had to be euthanized by buyer's veterinarian or death, in which case a written statement from said veterinarian all medical records and copy of autopsy report stating the defects are provided. All registration papers must also be returned to seller to qualify for a replacement puppy. Seller will not over breed dogs for the sake of honoring this agreement. Buyer understands that seller is a small breeding program and that it can and will take time to have available puppies and if the buyer wants a puppy from the same coupling of parents it can take one year or more for the mother to heal from the 1st breeding and that depending on the size and development of the chosen puppy, that it may not be ready for a new home until the age of 12 to 26 weeks of age at the discretion of the seller. With all of this is mind, the buyer shall have first pick of any litters unless the seller has contracted with another party for pick of the litter, in which case, buyer will have second choice or may wait until the next litter. The seller reserves the right to place a  value on a puppy at the approximate age of 8 weeks. The starting price for a puppy at the time of this agreement is $(900.00 to $1450.00) and will be adjusted to what the market will bear for a dog or puppy of comparable blood lines, conformation, coat length, color, markings and temperament. It is understood by the buyer that the seller has sold dogs/puppies of this quality and that pricing is at the sole discretion of the seller. Seller agrees to be fair and not to artificially inflate the value/price of a puppy chosen for replacement. Buyer is encouraged to ask the value of puppies before making a replacement decision. Buyer will pay for the dog in accordance with the terms of this contract. Buyer understands that each puppy/dog will have a non-refundable deposit of $250.00. This deposit is transferable at the sellers' discretion if for some reason the puppy/dog should have a change in its condition or if it should die before buyer takes possession of the puppy/dog. If payments are made toward a puppy/dog, and for some reason, the exact puppy/dog should become not available due to a health issue or death, and the buyer does not chose to transfer the deposit and additional payments over to a different puppy/dog, the seller will refund all money except the deposit to the buyer in a timely manner agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is to be made and the puppy will be held until (______________). On that date the puppy will be shipped by seller or picked up by purchaser. Balance of the purchase price & any additional items must be paid in full before the shipping date or the deposit and all money paid is forfeited unless alternate arrangements have been made in writing between Buyer and Seller. The Buyer will pay transportation costs, unless other arrangements have been made or are included in sale price. This Boxer is sold with the understanding that the Boxer will be socialized properly, and become a member of the family. This Boxer is not to be placed in an animal shelter of any kind but returned to the seller at no cost to the seller. (If buyer cannot afford the cost of return, seller may be willing to make arrangements for such cost) with all registration, papers and Vet records, if you cannot keep it or find it a good loving home. This contract is non-transferable. By my signature I affirm that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement. Buyers Signature: ___________________________________________________ Buyers Printed Name: ________________________________________________ Date: ________________________ Sellers Signature: ___________________________________________________ Sellers Printed Name: ________________________________________________
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