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Our Dogs! We currently have 5 wonderful boxers in our home.  We average one to two litters per year. Sable, Guru, Deuce,  Sierra & Evie. Sable is a wonderful five year old half Euro  flashy brindle. Guru is a playful, large three year old classic  fawn, who wont stop growing. He just keeps getting  better with age! Deuce is our stunning 5 year old full Euro Stud. He has a very dark black mask and a brindle body.  Sierra is our 5 year old full Euro Fawn female. She is one big ball of of lovable boxer. Evie is our 5 month old champion sired fawn female.   Enough about us, this section is supposed to be about our dogs. Below is a little more technical information about our dogs. Please call or email us if you have more questions. My wife Mary and I have been raising Boxers for many  years. This is our life, we live it and love it. Something  just doesn’t feel right around here if there aren’t little  pups running around. We spend a lot of time (and money) to ensure that our babies are the best in temperament, health, socialization, pedigree, and Boxer conformation. This is achieved  through proper training, diet, selective breeding...etc.
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Sable  Name: Beaux’s Brindle Belle  (OFA Hip Certified) Breed: Boxer Color: Reverse Flashy Brindle, black mask, white markings DOB: 06/24/2007 AKC#: WS22991505 Sex: Female Weight: 72-75 lbs  Sable is half German. Sables dad is German and his blood line is slap full of working champions. Sables mom is an American Boxer with her descendants having been some of the best Boxers in America. In keeping with her Euro heritage, she is one  solid package from head to toe. She has incredible drive and determination, both of which are easily controlled. She has more heart and attentiveness to obedience than  any boxer we have ever had. She has a very deep, solid chest, a great top line, and a  nice head. We wish we could have them all be just like her. She has been obedience trained, and minds because she knows you want her to not because she has to. She  is also very protective of children. She loves to sleep with us and cuddle 24x7. Her build looks like you better not mess with her, but if you do she will love you to death.. Guru  Name: Bayou’s Guru Hugh (aka)...The Big Skinny Breed: Boxer Color: Fawn, white markings, black mask DOB: 9/1/2009 AKC#: WS31737903 Sex: Male Weight: 76 lbs and still growing (should end up around 85lbs)  Guru is a stunning male boxer with a perfect head. He shot up fast and caught the nickname (The Big Skinny) but he has started to fill out and (WOW) is he solid.  He has a lot of spirit, drive and attentiveness. We are extremely excited about his  future and will hopefully start him in some competition next fall after he turns two. He has nice angles, and is perfectly proportionate. Guru has the classic quirkiness, goofiness, and mischievousness, that makes Boxers, Boxers. You love all of them  but some have such a personality and devotion, you love sooo deep it hurts. That’s our Guru. Guru’s mom and dad are solid well proportioned Boxers. He comes from lines that include: Boxmen’s Kennels,  dell'Infinito’s, Xanthos, Traper of Turo, and  many others. its no accident he is who he is. We also have lots of pictures of our puppies on face book ! Click the can to go to our Louisiana Boxers facebook page. If you do not have a facebook account... its free to sign up. We also have lots of pictures of our puppies on face book ! Click the can to go to our Louisiana Boxers facebook page. If you do not have a facebook account... its free to sign up.
Guru’s Mom
  Guru’s Dad
Sable’s Dad
Sable’s Mom
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Name: Miller Cajun Sierra (aka)... Big Momma Breed: Boxer Color: Fawn, white markings, black mask DOB: 02/22/2007 AKC #: WS20725702 Sex: Female Weight: 85 lbs Sierra is an almost perfect example of a female European Standard Boxer. She has a very deep & wide chest, an awesome head, a very strong sound square build, and has great drive. Her pedigree is a rich & impressive history of accomplished Champions & International Champions. This bloodline is an example of drive and stamina in show, working, and superior schutzhund training. Not to mention great the great health of these dogs. Plainly put...She comes from some of the best boxers in the world. She has a nurturing nature and is very attentive to what we want. She is a loyal friend.  
Full Euro Import- Sierra
Planned Breeding’s Click here for information about proposed due dates on future litters, and how to reserve a pup. Ch. Sired Evie Lynn  click here for more pic’s click here for her pedigree Mom    Dad Under construction call or email for more info. Click here for  FCI Standars Litter Due in   March 2015